Campaign Update Torvin

As you come from down from the mountains the road winds about crossing a bridge to an island. Three mountain peaks can be seen in the distance against the ocean scape. The smell of a salt breeze wafts up from the sea. The horizon is a blue mass extending as far as you can see. Many white sailed vessels can be seen some coming, some going, some fishing. The city of Torvin is surrounded by a mighty wall. You cross over the first bridge and after a decent hike come to a cliff side. A bridge seems to span the chasm. The Chasm is filled with the waters of a mighty river almost 300 hundred feet below. A large statue of a dwarven fighter seems to be standing guard over the bridge. A sign proclaims that a toll is due and a basket seems to waiting for said toll. Thousands in gold piece already sit in the large bucket.

You all managed to get across the bridge some cheaper than others. When Khem wakes up from sleeping off his large lunch and his hang over passes I imagine he will be looking for whoever defiled his bridge.

You were short the head of Orog the klutzy dragonborn warrior who fell off the bridge. He finally allowed Ansimal the pleasure of removing his head from his shoulders. You were able to collect most of the reward for the heads and even Orog’s by the end of the day. During the discussion with the guard captain you found out that the Kagen you killed was not the famous Kagen the Black Knife. He remains at large. He is also some how involved with a Varner Renstick, a local notorious business man. At the uttering of Varner’s name the hair on Dagyil’s neck seemed to prickle a bit. Orog seemed to be part of a plot to assassinate the Duchess. Since no one survived to tell the tale who knows who is behind the attempts. Zophia seems to lean towards her father’s new adviser but what of her cousins and aunts and uncles. Rumor on the streets and talk in the Lion’s Head Tavern leads you to believe there is no love lost from the relatives. Especially since they worked together to have the family catacombs below the Temple of Pelor sealed off. Each of the four family members have garnered some measure of success recently and have been shipped off to the outposts of the City State to strengthen of the Duke’s interests.

You managed to save the Duchess again and have been invited to the Castle for her coming of age ball. The Duke has also granted you a charter recognizing the party as legitimate bounty hunters for the crown guard of Torvin. This seal will allow you some degree of autonomy when dealing with enemies to the crown.

At the party tomorrow night maybe you will finally receive the reward you have been promised and what of the reward for saving her life a second time?

Dagyil still needs to meet with his employer before the sands in the hour glass run down. What of the new girl Pin? The chance meeting in the mountains seems to have been beneficial but is there more to the bonnie lass than meets the eye?

It also seems that a sect of Tiefling warlocks is somehow involved in the plot to remove the heir apparent before she can come of age. Perrin identified the group as members of the Amon Ka. Is it related to Humstock and the Hand or is the plot thickening like a really good stew on a cold day?



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