Into the Mountains

As the group climbs higher into the mountains a light dusting of snow appears. Eglath and Bright Eyes become more talkative sharing there culture and a little history of what has been going on.

It seems that over the last several months a huge worm like creature has been devouring goliaths. Nearly 12,000 are accounted among the missing or dead. The tribe of the bear seems the hardest hit. A war party was formed by Father Skywind. They included a red headed dwarf ranger, named Kilmen and a goliath named Ash, one of the twins trained by the shaman to be the defenders of the balance. When none of them returned Father Skywind called Elder Bright Eyes and Eglath to make a journey to the minotaur island. It has been nearly 6 weeks since the two of them departed on there journey. They are excited to be home, even if they are taking you to the mountain homes of the tribe of the rattlesnake.



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