Lair of the Remorhaz

As you follow the trail you noticed that it seems to pass thru a waterfall. The waterfall is frozen and there is a large hole smashed through it. Two tents are set up near one of the walls. You notice the tent has been deserted for some time. As you enter the cave you notice the ceiling is 100 ft tall but the near wall formed of ice is only 70 ft high. A body lays partially encased in ice. It appears to be a body of an experienced warrior. Gulohg the Effect Magnet loots the body. Finding a set of Godplate Armor. Shortly there after a lone Frost Giant charges into the fray. The rest of his “party” reluctantly follows him into battle.

Memorable Moments

Tragra: Tragra sniff sniff cold

Tragra: me wan more fur

Tragra: u give tragra fur kordek

Tragra: tragra pokes at the slime

Tragra: booger

Kordek the First Emperor of Faith: take fur….

Tragra: hahahahhahahhahaha

Tragra: boogie

Tragra: boogie

Tragra: booger

Tragra: tragra feet cold

Female Voice:: Daan oc agaan kaarthec duun mar daan shac dalaan daal.

The voices are speaking a Dialect of Giant none of you have heard before. If you speak Giant make an intelligence check to decipher the strange dialect.

Male Booming Voice:: Huul Kie To duun dac daal dhuur men vor druuc. Daac daan agaan duun mech daan hagaac. Daan taach an’d muul’dec ac maan dac jhruun ghuugaan mec draar oc men maal.

Loud Male Voice:: Rhat! Huul’der jhruun mec vor hec. Daan agaan tagaan ar rhaan, dhul ar duur. Daan khruur rhagaan duun dhec shaakhoogan. Daan taac dhuuch kekhaan kaal drar ac taal’dec duur shaakahoogan duun druun dregec duur. Daan tuuch kaagaan shaakhogaan duun tarlaar Huul’der.

Male Booming Voice:: Tuuc druun o maar dar. Kekhaan zuulaan.

Ash: (growl, whisper to party) Something about eggs being ready…

Tragra: wat dat sound

Frick: breakfast?

Ash: (growl, whisper to party) Giants, talking about killing goliaths, they’re talking about a shifter and a red dwarf…

Ash: (growl, whisper to party) They can hear us…

Ash: (growl, to himself) Shifter… Wait, they have my body!!

Frick (hissing whisper): well chainmail isn’t exactly meant for stealth

Ash: (growl) Talking about creature that ate my people…

Frick (hissing whisper): a shifter, you are in a shifter body, if they have Morar wouldn’t that be a goliath?

Ash: (growl) They’re getting in position… Get ready.

Ash: (Growl) Someone is saying they know nothing ‘bout us…

Ash: (growl) Ok, the rest should be coming soon. Leader called his guys “cowards”...

Fangess: outside of your kingdom, minotaur, i will call you… minotaur.

Gulohg the Effect Magnet nods to the centaur “Kill it!”

Frost Titan (bad): common What we do attack or wait?

Ash: (growl) Attack and meet your death!

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: Why are you attacking us Frosty?

Ash: (growl) My people will be avenged, that vengeance paid in your blood!!!

Frost Giant 21 -> [DYING]

Ash: (growl) Hill behind me is shaking…

Ash: (growl) Shaking in wall, seems to be moving…

Ash points to his east.

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: Hey I think the hill is going to pop out a baby boulder

Near the end of the Frost Giant battle a large worm/centipede like creature explodes from the trembling hill just as Tragra is flying over on his magic carpet. The creature quickly swallows the hobgoblin whole dragging him back into its lair. Thinking quickly Tragra uses Warlock’s eye to gain line of site out of the beast.

Fangess: bugsy! she’s just not into you anymore—she found a bigger and longer worm!

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: My worm is longer!

Ash: (growl) Stop tallking about worms and kill that damn thing!!!

Who is the Mysterious Kieto and what did he want with the Rhemorhaz eggs? Now that Morar and Ash are re-united will anyone be able to straighten out their spiritual and physical problems?

You manage to slay the second beast and all seems calm as you lay down for a much deserved rest. Muah ha ha ha!



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