Message From Khem

A message from Khem- Khem has been in touch via the sending stone Perrin gave him. Seems things have been heating up over the week in Torvin.

Oy Perrin gar off yer back and out the water and kick thar arse’s. Holding back spells cuz you might hit someone. Well I never. Anyway wise yer laying around got some news fer ya.

I war’s able to put together a rag tag crew and I is waiting for you at the head of the Derim River with the Dragonslayer, ie yer boat. Seems that an undead by the name of Barrathus war’s able to get out of the Ward he war’s trapped behind below the temple of Pelor. He made quite an entrance at the Duchess coming of age party.

Most of the city is under lock down as bits of the Shadowfell have been appearing all over town. The Gold Lion Inn where you stayed is completely gone in its place stands a abomination of a palace of undead. The foundation and walls seem to be made up of humanoid skulls.

Barrathus has set up shop there. Most of the nobles are dead including the visiting dignitaries from the Kentaur Plateau. They war’s here to ask for help from the Duke. I guess that Norg fellow is invading thar homes to the South East. The lone survivor of the royal family, Duchess Zophia Von Herbst is secreted away aboard the “yacht”. She is fighting mad but I, Khem the great, war’s able to drag her out of town before the zombies and shadar-kai really got down to having a good time.

Most of the city folk fled, those who didn’t make it out have been bound, shackled and hauled away as slaves and food for Barrathus and his growing army of undead.

Rumor has it that Kyle war’s in town just long enough to catch a boat headed east. Seems he war’s able to convince the elvish captain of the Kalvornia to take ‘em east at all possible haste.

All kinds of nasty critters are loose in the country side so finish up ‘em yer quest and get back asap. Khem. I hate these stupid magic stones. Carter how do you stop sending with these things anyway. Muffle muffle muffle. Aye, dis one here then, oh no this rune. Yeah I can read dwarven ye lilly livered son of ….



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