Norg's Dungeon Kyle Conversation

What are you doing here Zebith?

I have come for what I was promised Kyle.

I have not yet found my brother.

I care nothing for your brother, only the tools to collect the Tempest’s Souls. She has not yet realized her power. I need the sword as promised.

Yes and you were to kill them in their sleep and bring my nephew. The annoying little mage should have warded better not that it would have stopped you.

You know I would not murder them. Send the Eaters with me and we will finish them in combat as the law demands.

Bah, Genasi and their rules of warfare. I have no time for this. Take the Eaters and be done with the lot of them. Only spare my nephew, I did not expend my energy to bring him thru time, seduce his beloved “mother”, and set up his “father”, just to have him die here. I will need him to bring my brother back. Marcus is the key.

The sword is on the desk follow me. Norg has done his part now you must do yours.

The voices get quieter as if they are moving away south of you.

I have managed to copy the ritual I need and Humstock nearly has the jewel. I will go to the portal follow as soon as you can. I will leave it open for you and the Eaters. It will remain fixed on Torvin until dawn. Don’t be late.

There is an earsplitting crack answered by a second from the other end of the dungeon.



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