Return to the Lair

Gulohg prepares to raise another from among the dead since his latest creation an undead centaur is no longer among the living dead.

Ash leans heavily upon Morar

Ash: (growl) I can hear wings, coming from far away…

Ash: (growl, to Morar) Just hang on. We should be able to rest soon, then we’ll get this fixed.

The sound of wings grows louder till you all here it There is a loud thud as if many feet hit the ground outside the lair

Ash draws his axe.

A large hawk wheels and flits off into the distance.Sparkles appear as the sunlight breaks through the clouds.

Fangess: taps fricks and indicate to the ceiling, as if something’s up…

Frick looks up in the direction the halfling is pointing

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: (to the Titan undead) Stay out of the way. Collect some dinner fromthe bodies.

Ash nods to Kordek.

Gulohg the Effect Magnet shakes his money maker

Ash wonders how Gulohg will live off one copper piece a month.

Frick: what are you pointing at wee one?

Frick: something different up there…

Ash looks up at the ceiling.

A large gluttonous spider plummets from the ceiling.

It quickly bloodies Fangess and Frick. Hearing the commotion Kordek, Ash and Gulohg mounted on his newly created Titan rush for the cavern entrance. Meanwhile, Frick dodges the spider while quickly trying to gain allies from the four sons of winter whose shadows no fill the entry way.

The three warriors quickly dispatch the spider. While Frick talks her way into the hearts and minds of the Sons of Winter. Whilst, Fangess sends ineffectual bolts flying into the side of the the cliff face.

Frick: the big spider is gone, begone from this place

The three warriors drop their weapons turning their palms down showing submission

Ash keeps a wary eye on them.

Gulohg the Effect Magnet stifles a stomach rumble as he looks over the prisoners

Gulohg the Effect Magnet wipes a bit of drool away while he eyes them

Frick: why are you here?

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: Do you taste good?

Frick: pet, shush! besides, I doubt any species considers it tastes good

Gulohg the Effect Magnet frowns

Gulohg the Effect Magnet looks them over, poking for the juicy parts

Gulohg the Effect Magnet looks toward the tent

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: I hear food!

Gulohg the Effect Magnet grins

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: Nice juicy liver…..

Son of Winter: What could we possibly tell such great warriors such as yourselves?

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: If you cant tel us anything, you really dont need your tongues now do you?

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: Soups On! Guess who’s on the menu?

Son of Winter: Master sent us to recover egss!

Son of Winter: Kill looters get eggs he said

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: Eggs?

Ash: (growl) The remerhaz eggs…

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: Any of you cook good?

Son of Winter: We not cooks, we fighters

Son of Winter Grins

Ash: (growl, to Son of Winter) I’m here to tell you, you suck as fighters…

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: Then get the damn eggs and hurry up! Now!

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: I’m geting hungry from all the talk

Ash: (growl) Surrendering was wise.

Ash: (growl, whisper, to Kordek) We need to destroy those eggs. Can’t risk them eating any more of my people…

Son of Winter: Thank dark one we appreciate this are lives will be spared now

Ash: (growl) Put the eggs on the ground and step back.

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: The only dark one you need to worry about is me! Now get me food!

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: Looks like ham and eggs!

Frick: all my pet said was to GET the eggs….

Gulohg the Effect Magnet pulls out his liver and grabs it and the eggs

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: Food! Son of Winter: Great spirit wolf will be unhappy he said protect eggs from Kieto!

Frick: who is Kieto?

Son of Winter: Kieto is master of sky and hill

Gulohg the Effect Magnet shovels the raw liver down his throat

Frick: and what does he plan to do with the eggs, pray tell?

Son of Winter: He plans to keep them from hatching

Ash: (growl) Gonna help me destroy those, Gulohg?

Son of Winter: He say Goliath wants for magics

Ash: (growl) Gulohg, wait!!

Gulohg the Effect Magnet frowns

Frick: wait my pet

Ash: (growl) What do you mean, goliaths want for magic? EXPLAIN!!!

Fangess: it seems you don’t quite know much about your goliath motives from the sound of this lot (to Ash)

Son of Winter: Great Spirit wolf say goliath father needs for magics we do not question

Ash: (growl) I know my people, Fangess. I can’t imagine bad intent…

Ash: (growl) Give me the eggs. NOW!!!

Frick: the people we encountered taking the eggs, were not goliaths

Gulohg the Effect Magnet grins

Ash: (growl) I know what they are for!

Tragra: ooooooooooooooooooo eggs

Tragra: gimme gimme

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: Hurry up then I’m hungry!

Gulohg the Effect Magnet holds the eggs high

Frick looks at Ash, eyebrows raised….”ok, what are they for?”

Tragra: tragra have had no eggs for long time

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: I think we will soon Tragra

Ash: (growl) Probably part of the spell to return me to my body

Son of Winter: You let us go now we tell you everything

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: Nice fried eggs

Son of Winter: We do as you ask we make nice friends

Ash: (growl) Talk, then we might let you go.

Tragra tragra opens big gapped mouth smile

Frick: probably sounds like speculation… I thought you said you knew

Son of Winter: I speak plan you have snow in your ears shifter?

Ash: (growl) Gulohg, I’m sure there is more filling prey. I need those eggs.

Gulohg the Effect Magnet frowns and tosses the eggs to Ash

Frick: I say let them go, and take the eggs back to the village and find out what they are for

Gulohg the Effect Magnet drops the other two

Ash: (growl) Works for me

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: There. Dinner

Frick: Guhlog! ENOUGH!

Ash: (growl) Thanks, Gulohg.

Ash: (growl) More liver for you.

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: No thanks needed. Dinner time Tragra

Fangess: covers her eyes from the effects of the foes retreating actions (balls out)

Frick placing her hand across her eyes, shaking her head at her pet “I must get him in line

Ash: (growl) Sorry ‘bout that, Gulohg, but my instinct tells me Father Skywind needs these…

Ash tucks eggs into a belt pouch.

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: Me and Tragra like eggs though. You owe us.

Ash: (growl) I love eggs… Maybe they won’t need all of them…

Gulohg the Effect Magnet grins

Gulohg the Effect Magnet grabs the spider body and drags it in with him

Ash: (growl, to Fangess) How ‘bout it?

Tragra: I am hungry give me egg !!!

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: You better share Tragra

Ash: (growl) Later, Tragra, back at camp. These eggs are special.

Tragra: dems da dbest

Gulohg the Effect Magnet skins a body and covers the pit

Gulohg the Effect Magnet throws snow over the skin cover

Ash: (growl) I’ll take first watch.

Gulohg the Effect Magnet starts his ritual on the spider

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: His name is Fred

Gulohg the Effect Magnet curls up in stinky’s legs

Ash looks untrustingly at the spider, and seems to be a little uncomfortable.

Gulohg the Effect Magnet snores contentedly with his spider pony. Having lost his latest minion Gulohg doesn’t hesitate to create a replacement.

Several D jinns and a wolf sneak into the cavern. They nearly kill Ash in his sleep before anyone is aware of there presence. The party alerted leaps into action only to be confronted by a conjured sand storm that limits there vision and leaves them dazzled. Frick comes to Ash’s rescue as he dragged away by the over sized wolf. Ash quickly slays the Stormlord with two chops of his blade. The wolf once again drags Ash off this time he tears away at his belt pouch and the Rhemorhaz eggs concealed there. The wolf tries to make good an escape leaping up the 70’ ice wall. The fighters try to climb up after but there climbing skills on the slick ice is no match for the wolves speed. Frick however sends Kordek flying through the air and then drags the creature down the wall delaying its escape. This gives Tragra the precious seconds he needs to mount his Flying carpet and to blast the creature off the wall. The Wolf falls 50 feet into darkness where Ash collides with it saving Gulohg the impact of its weight falling from the height. Ash gets the better of the tussle driving the creature into the hard ice below.

What is going on? Why would Father Skywind send the Son of the Tribes Great Spirit wolf on the same mission as he sent you? Did the Rhemorhaz actually eat 17,000 goliaths in a few months time? Who is Kieto and how is he involved in all of this?



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