Trick Or Treat, Lo-Kel Is Something Good to Eat

Doresain appears as a ghoul, though he stands upright rather than adopting the hunched posture of his subjects. His eyes blaze with a sickly green light. He wears an elegant coat of supple human flesh and a suit of pale leather armor studded with skulls. A crown of bones rests on his bald head, and he wields a staff called Toothlust, formed of the rigid spinal column of some past victim. The staff is topped by a skull, in homage to his lord Orcus. He pauses a moment, his lips move in Abyssal. Damacos, shudders as he translates the words, “Thank you for freeing me.” The Exarch leaps from the bridge nimbly climbing down the sheer face of the cliff where he recovers the body of the drow and ambles away. Arrows clatter against the bridge and thru the door way. The pounding of orc boots can be heard from the North. War drum echo up from the canyon. Sounds like the army is roused below you.

The ghoul reaches down and rips off Lo-kels head. He savors the brains licking his lips. He scoops up the body and teleports out the door with the corpse. You hear the bouncing of the body down the cliff side. The racket is immense. The entire countryside must have heard the racket. The figure pauses on the rampart of the bridge for a moment the sun setting behind the mountains frame its form in a dieing light. It shudders, its skin ripples and shift the Grzzil you knew is gone replaced by a grinning figure.



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