Trovin Continued

The party was postponed since the Duchess is not feeling well. Dagyil took ill from his tasty bit of troll. Meri’s cousin Cherlita came down and gave him a potion to settle his stomach. While you were out to pay the temple for Cherlita’s assistance, Dagyil took the opportunity to relieve Count Sturz of some of his possessions. Namely his symbol of office and a coin pouch. Meanwhile, on your way to the temple you heard the sound of shattering glass from inside the apothecary. Some ruffians had set up guard outside. Kordek nearly made a fatal error by not eliminating the threat in his usual fashion. The battle became a mess and Perrin had to call in the cavalry.

Several members of the Temple came to your rescue. You entered the apothecary after some heated words between the Drow and the Lore master. No sooner had you started speaking with the Drow yourselves, than a portal to the Shadow fell opened up and the Tor Siri came to take Perrin. After a moment of battle the leprous sword mage and his accomplices were wiped out. You assumed the Drow was in on the attack on Perrin or at least had more info about the reason for the Sea-dragon’s cult attacking his shop. Under the threat of torture the Drow dropped his facade and fought you to a stalemate. Meri and Piin managed to calm down the Drow and most of the members of your party. Kordek was having none of it however and sliced a huge gash into the wall of the shop. The building seemed to tip and teeter for a second before coming to rest. The two parties went their ways. Little did you know at the time but that was not the last you would see of the Drow.

Deepwatch bell rings out in the Tower of Pelor, the only bell ringing all night long. Bells sounded all day and it was more than poor Dagyil could handle. All day long he could feel the bells tolling each hour until his doom arrived. Nightfall brought quiet and darkness, he always thought of this time as his element, but with darkness also comes those others who move in the shadows. The windows explode inward the two creatures bound across the room quickly. Two loud blows ring against the door at the end of the hall. Wood splinters are followed by the upper half of the door. The priest smacks the zombie in the head. You can hear the priest mutter.

”Use the door knob. Humstock said they are dangerous and need to be eliminated quickly. Now kill them all. Leave no witnesses”

Dagyil wakes to find his feet pinned to the floor by an onyx dagger. A letter is stuck to the floor thru his bedroll. Dag has no chance to ponder this as the Destrachan climbs up on the bed sniffing at Kordek. It sees Dag and bounds after him.

Ansimal played the roll of fighter, mostly from the floor, in a rather bloody battle. Kordek and Meri finally got out of bed to help you rid the inn. It seems someone had taken some time to dose each of them with a sleeping potion so that you would be sitting ducks.

After the battle Dagyil opened his letter and you went to see Varner Renstick. Varner wants you to steal an item from the Temple of Pelor. Perrin tells you that The Jewel of Zehir is a magical item passed down from the ruling family of the neighboring rivals of Torvin. Varner is insistent that the Gem be stolen before Saturday night. Meri believes Bahamut told her that it will be used in the assassination of Zophia Von Herbst

After accepting the job you journey to the temple to get the lay of the land and perhaps to double cross the Drow blade-master. There you ask Cherlita’s help but she seems a little merrier than her cousin and maybe just a tad dimwitted as well. After Dagyil scares her half to death, her scream summons the High priest Radiant Father Helicus Solari. He speaks at length with you but refuses to give you the man power to assault the ship. He believes that you have been duped by Varner into sapping his strength so that Varner can steal the Jewel himself. Piin noticed the Dark stalker Kagen of the Black Knife spying on you and after what turned into a ridiculously short battle you killed the creature, spoke with his soul and claimed the bounty on his head. He claims to be directly employed by the Hand but said the Hand was not the Drow.

The group heads back to the inn to find their rooms have been given away and their gear packed up and unceremoniously deposited out front. Kordek goes in and sweet talks the Halfling into letting you stay in the inn, but you move to a communal room near to the stairs were you are less likely to cause damage. Dagyil sets some traps (21, 15, and 25) and Perrin sets up the bell of alarm.

It would seem that not only Dagyil had enemies visiting you in the night. The Orcus priest uttered the name of Humstock before the attack. Varner Renstick seems to some how be mixed up with the mysterious Hand or Kagen was working for both sides. Dagyil has 3 days left to clear his debt before the sands in the hour glass run down.



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