Varner and the Crypt

Meri and Perrin were up late arguing about what to do about the gem. After they go to bed, Perrin snuck out of the Inn. Kordek has decided to face down the drow by himself, since Dagyil just laughed at him when Kordek woke him up to join him.

After Kord didn’t return from the bathhouse, Dag realized Kordek was serious and went after him. Kord bluffed the halflings at the ship, sent them to the inn to drink, even bought them several rounds. The Ogres and Fell Trolls went drinking as well. Dag catches up to Kord at the boat, and they are soon in over their heads against the blademaster, Varner Renstick.

Meanwhile, Meri woke up and discovered Kordek and Dag missing when she went to speak with Kord about the gem. She followed the trail of troll parts Dag left behind and found them at the boat. Meri managed to block the drow’s escape, and they vanquished the drow with Dagyil ripping out his throat with his teeth. As they were looking around the ship and tidying up a bit, the trolls and ogres returned. Kord and Meri were able to sneak off the boat, and Dag was supposed to follow behind. Instead he decided to look around the ship when the trolls and ogres fell asleep. He found a treasure hold, and was caught in a trap where he perished.

Meri and Kord were waiting for Dag, but when he didn’t show, they went back to the docks to find him. When they returned, the halflings were boarding the ship but there was no sign of Dag. Meri began praying for guidance, and Kord ran back to the inn for assistance. Piin and Ansimal came with Kord, as did a new Gnome Warlock named Mlit, who Kord woke in his fervor to rescue Dag and Meri (along with every other weary traveler within a 5 mile radius). (Will they EVER be welcome back at the inn?)

They arrive at the docks, and Meri doesn’t notice them, she is still praying. The halflings exit the boat carrying the body of the drow, followed by two Fell Trolls. Ansimal nailed 2 halflings with arrows, but Kord fooled the Trolls into thinking he had fired the bow…everyone else was able to hide, and Meri was protected by Bahamut. The Trolls chased Kordek down the docks and into a warehouse, where Kord was able to hold them at bay for a bit with some fire. It was revealed to Meri that Dag was dead, and she came out of her prayerful trance to realize that two of her friends were there, along with 4 halflings carrying the body of the drow (to the Sea-dragon cult to have him raised).

Meri became furiously angry and as her and her companions dispatched the halflings, her ire grew and she rent the body of the drow in twain. Kordek escaped from the Trolls using his cape of the moutebank, (after punching a hole in the wall so he could see out) leaving them to think they had smashed him to oblivion.

Mlit, while the party was fighting the halflings and trolls, had been scoping out the ship, and came across the hidden panel and Dagyil’s dead body, as well as the treasure Dag had collected. Kordek rejoined the party, and they boarded the ship and set sail. They searched the ship and found much treasure and magical weapons aboard, some which can be used, some that will be sold or traded. As they set sail, the Trolls reached the docks and believe that Varner and the halflings left without them for some unknown reason.

Meri became seasick below decks, and Piin discovered the trap that had been the end of Dagyil. In the morning, a small fey looking raven winged creature fluttered to the deck. It did not attack or become aggressive, and Piin approached the creature who delivered a letter from Perrin. Perrin notified the party of the need to take the stone to the Well of Unmaking. They party rested on the ship, and decided to return to the temple and convince the High Priest that the Jewel of Zehir must be destroyed.

Perrin knew upon summoning the creature that someone was fated to die, but not who. The party used a rowboat to return to shore, leaving the ship anchored out in the harbor with Ansimal aboard on guard so they can return for it later. They plan to use it. Since it is now unlikely they will be welcome in the inn any further.

Arriving ashore, the party went to the blacksmith’s shop and had the unnecessary magical weapons disenchanted. They took inventory of what each person had in their arsenal and even earmarked some for Perrin’s use. Then the party proceeded to the Temple of Pelor where they asked for an audience with the High Priest. The High Priest granted their audience, with the Loremaster present as well. After some debate, diplomacy, bluffs from our new friend, and even a flip from the Minotaur the High Priest conceded to remove the guards and let the party retrieve the gem and take it to the Well of Unmaking. Upon entering the catacombs, they looked around at the canal that flows along one side, and crossed a bridge into the first room. They notice 3×3 niches in the walls, filled with human remains. Meri began to inspect them more closely as Piin opened the door to the next room, and was startled from her reverie by the appearance of a Berbalang. Kordek moved into the room, and the party followed suit. As the party began to deal damage, the Berbalang split into three. This made it a bit more difficult to focus attacks, but now the bad guy had to share HP with his offspring. Meri’s initial attack seemed to do more harm than good, as it triggered the split. After some deft maneuvering by our heroes, they managed to dispatch one offspring, when the Berbalang split again. This made attacks a bit harder as it seemed that all attacks made on the original were absorbed by this new manifestation. Eventually, the party was victorious, the felling blow going to the 240 yr old gnome, Mlit, who has decided to stay with the party for its adventuring prospects.

The adventure left off as we were beginning to open the next spiked door into the room beyond. Meri must remember what it is the High Priest told her, about which turns to take and whatnot down here.



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