Fangess Ogrefell

Fangess’ village was pillaged by a horde of bandits consisting of orcs, goblins and several cave trolls. The sadistic goblin warlord in charge, Yakgore, was not merciful: he ordered all the males to be slaughtered and fed to the trolls, as their families witnessed the atrocity in horror. The remaining females and younglings were caged, taken away and sold as slaves.

After a few days of traveling, where the prisoners were not fed, but allowed water, Yakgore’s party came upon a tribe of prospective orc slave buyers. During Yakgore’s transaction, ravenous marauding gnolls attacked the host tribe. They were privy to the news of “fresh meat” somehow. In their hunger and bloodlust, the gnolls violently slaughtered the remaining bound and unarmed slaves, many of whom were halflings. The rest of Fangess’ immediate family were among the victims. The traumatized Fangess only survived from a series of fortunate events: her death delayed, started with two disputing gnolls over the delicacy of her “young tender flesh.” One of them bested the other, and that gnoll was taken down by a pair of adventurers. The pair, a half-elf ranger and a tiefling rogue, Fernleaf and Shadolain, had been shadowing Yakgore’s party, hoping to free the halflings with stealth. Their plans was crimped by the surprise factor of attacking gnolls. Having deprived the gnolls of their prized meal, and at the same time attempting to rescue the slave girl, which in effect, denying Yakgore of his profit, Fernleaf and Shadolain found themselves embroiled in a savage three-way battle with Yakgore’s party and gnolls. The cost of such humanitarian efforts brought critical injuries to the adventurers. In an heroic effort, Fernleaf was able to buy some time for Shadolain, her lover-companion, to barely escape with young Fangess. It was through the stealthy skills of Shadolain that saved them both. A secret path in the forest known by Shadolain was the blessing that secured their safety. Fernleaf, however, was not so blessed. She perished.

In Fernleaf’s memory, Shadolain raised Fangess as the child that he and Fernleaf never had—-the child that would have been, who was inside Fernleaf when she was overcome. As Fangess grew, she harbored an ingrained hatred for giant-type monsters: orcs, goblins, trolls and gnolls, to the point of blind prejudice. As Shadolain adopted Fangess, she in return adopted his vows to destroy all things that these murderous, vile, evil beings prized. As the two shared an often saddened and emotionally wrought life, they fueled each others obssession and overwhelming sense of revenge and justice. Shadolain put Fangess on the path of a rogue, and taught her everything he learned in the ways of the ranger. Father and daugther carried on mercenary life to sustain their daily existence. The embittered, angry halfling--an outlook antithesis of her race—set out to face the darkness of the world. Charging at it on the crutch of hatred, darting in and out out the shadows, slitting the throats and gutting the bowels of its denizen before they barely have a chance to see the face that would deliver their demise, Fangess would avenge Fernleaf.

Will Fangess learn to grow her own identity and cultivate paths for herself? Or will she see only one path before her, the one narrowed by the blinders of hate? How long, and how far, will she continue avenging for someone whom she never knew? Is there a difference between righteous vengeance and obsessive destruction? Will she know when to stop killing, or will it take control of her, destroying her halfing “humanity?”


Ea-reth Anaxetogrind