p<. Perrin Aybara’s Background

p<. For as long as he can remember, Perrin has led an unusual life. Perrin was born to a couple that ran a small farm about four days’ journey from the city. Two months before he was born, his parents were visited by an ancient wizard. This wizard told them that he had been informed of their son’s birth by a well-respected seer and that his destiny lied in the ways of magic. After several visits, Perrin’s parents began to believe and accept this. They agreed to let their son go with the wizard and follow his path.

p<. Perrin was raised by the wizard that came to his parents and trained by him. Damien, the wizard that had found out about Perrin, was astounded at how quickly the young man picked up on the training. Though Damien was a skilled wizard, his strength lay in academics, and Perrin showed strong aptitude toward combat spell casting, so he sent him to train with Timian, a half-elven wizard and one of the most prominent adventuring wizards of the age. Timian took Perrin under his wing, and, like Damien, was astounded at how quickly he learned. It didn’t take very long for Perrin’s teachers to realize that he was destined to be a great war mage.

p<. Perrin studied hard and excelled, but at the age of 10 began to wonder how his parents could give him up. He discussed the matter with his teachers, and they agreed that it was time for Perrin to talk to his parents. After a fairly long journey, they arrived at the small farm where Perrin was born. They greeted him with love and explained that they didn’t want his life to be wasted on a farm, when it was so clear that he was set to do something extraordinary. They made arrangements for him to go back and visit when time allowed. Perrin, satisfied at this, went back to his training with even more zeal.

p<. Over the next five years, he traveled back to that small farm several times, getting to know the family that he’d been separated from for so long. His parents had other children, and Perrin made

p<. On his sixteenth birthday, both Damien and Timian decided that Perrin was ready to venture out on his own into the world. The first place he traveled to was to his parents’ farm. As he was traveling there, he began hearing some distressing rumors in the cities he passed through of a brutal attack in the area where his parents lived. He finally arrived at the farm and found it decimated, the bodies of his family strewn everywhere. He stayed there for days, burying his family and grieving their loss.

p<. He went back to his teachers and told them what had happened. They grieved with him, but encouraged him to keep pursuing his destiny. Perrin took up the charge with renewed zeal, determined to make his parents’ sacrifice mean something.

p<. Perrin is slight of build with sandy blond hair and blue eyes. He has an easy smile and a good sense of humor, but is a totally different person in combat. In that situation, he becomes highly focused and very aggressive for a mage.

p<. Revision:

p<. Fearing for their lives Perrin’s parents went underground. The mage masters who trained Perrin were able to fake their deaths. They did this as Perrin grew in power fearing the Tor-sirri and unaligned mages. As part of faking their deaths. The Abyara’s are able to contact Perrin via a Fey Wild Messenger known as a ?


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