Taabyr Onus


A disenchanted drow, betrayed by those of her kind, and those close to her. They abused her trust and used her as a pawn in their scheme for power. Taabyr was a leader of a small strike force - a team of drows personally trained by her, the team which she led to their doom under the directives of those who forsook her in the end.

Taabyr realized at the moment of her near-death that she and her special unit - who one by one died hideous, painful deaths before her eyes - were the sacrificial lambs for a grander scheme. She watched her companions, those who vowed to put their faith in her and lives down for her, savagely overcame and devoured by zombies. They did not even die honorable deaths; they perished as food. She and her men were promised to be rewarded and recognized as heroes, but instead, they were mere disposable fodder. The idea itself was not the thing that bothered her - she was a drow after all: betrayal was nothing new; it was being on the receiving end that changed her attitude, and eventual path.

With hope nearly snuffed out, Taabyr made one last lapse-of-reason prayer - not to Lolth herself, as Taabyr cursed and denounced the goddess in the hours of her doom, but to the Raven Queen. Taabyr did not want to die from the mindless teeth of zombies; she beseeched the Queen to take her life and not let it be that she returned as a cursed, wretched undead!

The Queen heard Taabyr—not that the Queen was partial to any mortal in particular. It was the way that Taabyr prayed to her, the devotion and the earnesty, the purity and the completeness of her prayers that reached the Queen’s ears. In a moment of clarity, Taabyr felt the Raven Queen reached out through her and, in an instant, smote each and every undead around Taabyr. It was an explosion of cleasing, with Taabyr as the epicenter of the Queen’s will. The Raven Queen’s powers surged through Taabyr’s body, healing and purifying her, preparing her to serve as a conduit for the Queen’s powers.

From that moment on, Taabyr denounced her life as it were from the Underdark; promised vengeance and judgment on those who were responsible for the death of her men; vowed that she will never be betrayed and shamed by them ever again, and it will be their demise that will ensure that. She willingly purged her spirit of Lolth evil essense, which dictated every life’s aspect of drows and drowkins, from her body.

Taabyr set herself on a new path: to serve the Raven Queen, marking the end of each mortal life, and protect the departed from the curse of undeath.

Taabyr Onus

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