Campaign Update Norg

You finally reached the location of Norg’s hideout as located by the map found in the saddle bag of the Half-orc, Half-Hobgoblin soldier. The horse Thudmack gave to Thomas. You immediately set about trying to quietly slip behind enemy lines. Unfortunately, your passing was marked by several spies and a carefully devised trap was set.

Trapped between the two phalanxes of Norg’s army at the two ends of the cave; Thomas and Tragra tried to free the horses and send them down the cliff face to meet the advancing army. Unfortunately, the horses upon running into their masters were not quite the stampede you hoped for, but neither was the unexpected appearance of Norg’s Lt and Witch Doctor Purbag. Purbag offered you the opportunity to make peace with Norg. After some generous donations of food and supplies you were coerced into striking a blow against the Tor Siri a ruthless band of Blood Mages and Necromancers who have held the land in a vice grip of oppression for nearly 80 years. In exchange for this mission Thudmack demanded to be made 3rd in command of Norg’s forces. Garg the commander of the Elite Forces retained his command but had to surrender his badge of authority. I am sure that Thudmack has not seen the last of Garg and his Half-Hobgoblin/Half-orc forces.

Purbag’s quest was simple. Just retrieve a book from the Tor Siri and the deserters in the cavern below and you will have joined their forces and receive the reward in the chests. He happily unlocked the door to the cavern below. Inside the dungeon you fought off the Harpies, survived the shifting stairs. Found a headless corpse that seems to be stuck in some kind of spell, and fought off the Mezzo demon and a couple of fire snakes who had taken up residence in a fire pillar. Thomas doesn’t think you have seen the last of the Mezzo demon. You decided to set up camp in the stair room since it had been a hard march across the country side. The rest of the dungeon remains ahead, pun intended, with the black ritual book of the Tor-Siri awaiting you.

Campaign Update

Amric Starr has enlisted the aid of Tory, Kordek, Liocs Sova, Thomas and Ansimal to help him retrieve the Legendary Evil Sword Necradur from the hands of the Wizard Humstock. According to Amric, Humstock hired the Shifting Sands to steal the sword. Thomas recognized that the Sands, a group of shape shifter thieves are wanted by Torvin officials dead or alive for a theft from the ruling family Zacharius Von Herbst. Having successfully collected most of the heads and preserved them within a bag of holding you can collect the reward from officials at Torvin or any of the outposts of the territory. Orog the klutzy dragonborn warrior who fell off the bridge has yet to seek his revenge and grant you the pleasure of removing his head from his shoulders. The wizard Humstock has unfortunately slipped from your grasp. A letter left behind by the fleeing wizard indicates that the wizard is linked to a Gnoll army and the orc mercenaries you ran afoul of in the thieves woods. Farathir, a rebel that Thomas suspects to be some how involved with Amric Starr, is in your debt if only you could locate him. Amric is now in an occupied town. Woods Crossing has been successfully invaded by the leader of the Gnoll/Orc Army. The leader is a brutal Orc by the name of Norg. Thudmack believes that Norg may have been responsible for the death of the Gnoll Rogue Dagyil’s father. Norg, angered by Thudmack’s betrayal, has sent a raiding party to capture or kill Thudmack’s sister, Scrag Mack. On the way to prevent it, the group has rescued Zophia Von Herbst, the daughter of the Duke of Torvin. She has offered you a reward should you come to Torvin and complained about a certain bald head friend of her father. She also dispatched the Paladin Meri to help aid the party. The advisor seems to be linked to several near fatal accidents that Zophia has recently survived. After meeting the Duchess and racing off to defend Thudmack’s sister, you have won the respect of the Orc village by first wiping out the Troll threat and then easily dispatching a Barbarian raiding party. Thudmack promised the Old Orc Shaman Logg to help him rid the Orc’s of the human barbarian horde before Logg’s untimely death. The village, now made up of only women and children, is bereft of even the pro-temp leader. It looks to Thud for leadership and protection. Without wiping out or reasoning with the barbarian threat from the North they can not hope to live out the summer. Dagyil has managed to cow the barbarian horde. He loudly proclaimed he would rip out the Barbarian chief’s throat, following his words with swift action. The barbarians honored him by giving him their leader’s sword and swearing an oath to protect him. Dagyil told the pathetic tribe to train and be ready when he calls.

Norg’s raiders waited until dark before they tried to sneak up on you. The very observant Orc Female Warrior #4 managed to alert you and you were successful in repelling the attack. Unfortunately, the party was spotted by Norg’s forces while trying to sneak across the warfront. Norg was able to slip thru your grasp and his forces are clearing out the cave as you approach. Without further clues you will be hard pressed to locate him. What nasty surprise has he prepared for you?

Torvin still stands as a potential avenue for profit since the shifting sands heads need to be turned in and the reward collected from the duchess. Dagyil needs to report his failure to his former employers to keep them from seeking him out. You could also easily scour the area for Humstock. Since that was the direction that Thomas saw him fly off in. Meanwhile the multiple personality disorder being suffered by the Genasi Swordmage is about to bring about the ire of several party members, namely Thomas because she won’t listen to reason and Thudmack who believes one girl is prettier than the other and the very thought of 2 people in one body is more than the brave orc can sort out. Add to that the star worshiping addition of a Warlock who seems to believe strongly that his actions are guided by twinkling lights. The unexplained appearance of Deeth the Artificer/Wizard hasn’t yet crossed anyone’s mind, but given a moment to pause someone certainly will wonder when and where this Eladrin suddenly appeared. The strange unexplained disappearance of Tory during the blizzard is yet another unsolved mystery. You have been joined by a Human Wizard named Siva. She seems quiet and reflective as she tries to master the immense power she wields. A bugbear fighter named Gulohg and a Hobgoblin Warlock known as Tragra have also joined the party. Tragra swears that the stars have led him there. Thudmack is secretly taking credit for bringing the group together and the poor knight bereft of his charge finds himself amid a crisis of faith. Siva has traded a lock of her hair to the orc tribe in exchange for a small necklace. What will become of the portion of the magic user? Will Perrin manage to survive with Kordek now that he is out from under Thomas wing? Will Liocs ever deduce that she is Sova? Will the stars answer Tragra? Will Thudmack continue his generous ways? Will the orc child grow up to be as tough as Thudmack? Tune in Gamers


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