A branch of the Fey races that went West during the first sundering of the Ancient Ones. The Fey are also known as the Vai in the Eladrin tongue.

Elves is also the layman term for one the Vai, Green Elves or woodland elves as they are sometimes called.

Elves Today

The common term of elves currently refers to that sub-race that dwells in the north eastern portion of the old continent. There among the forests they are at home and live lives of relative peace.

There are currently 4 acknowledged sub-races of Vai.

  • Gnum Vai – gnomes or gray elves
  • Ellu Vai – Eladrin or High Elves
  • Ellis Vai – Elves or green elves
  • Sutis Vai – Sea Elves or blue elves

There are currently 2 outcast races of Vai. They have been labeled Kai or traitors

  • Auri Kai – Drow or dark elves
  • Ora Kai – Orcs or black elves

Major Elf History Points by Age

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