Kyle’s Apprentice

He hired the Shifting Sands to steal Necradur from Amric Starr. He fled to Torvin when a band of adventures raided the Citadel of Stone and defeated the Shifting Sands.

In Torvin he was working a plot to have Zophia and Zacharius Von Herbst slain. Then he would assume their guise and recover Jewel of Zehir from the Von Herbst family crypt beneath the local Temple of Pelor.

Thanks to an error on the part of Kordek, Meri, Perrin, Mlit and Piin he was able to break into the crypt and retrieve the Jewel. He released a powerful Vampyre known as Barathus, himself defeated and slain by the same party of adventures.


Ea-reth Anaxetogrind