Creature with the head of a bull and the body of a man.

Once slaves of the Dragonborn the minotaurs escaped slavery at the same time as the Azer Dwarves, near the decline of the Dragonborn Empire.

Ambeoutin I

Led by Ergas the Brutish several thousand slaves escaped to the Island of Taldras. They quickly cleansed the island of its monstrous inhabitants and established a kingdom. Ergas the Brutish took the name of Ambeoutin the First and his was a prosperous rule. He established the Rule of Might among the Minotaurs.

Ambeoutin II

The minotaurs quickly established themselves as masters of the sea. Their mariners collect hefty taxes on all trade between the two continents.

Ambeoutin III

Ambeoutin IV

Ambeoutin V

Ambeoutin VI

Ambeoutin VII

Ambeoutin VIII

Ambeoutin IX

Ambeoutin X

Ambeoutin XI

Kordek I

Other Minotaurs of Note

Kodrus Jak and Foostrus


Ea-reth Anaxetogrind