Norg was born the runt of 3 orc litter. He grew up picked on by his tribe and despised by his father the Chief. It is every Orc child’s mission to go out into the wild to kill a wild creature. Norg was sent to kill a dire boar. A task his father thought impossible. The young hunter met, Kyle, in the disguise of a one eyed orc hunter wielding a blood covered spear claiming to be Gruumsh. The hunter offered the young orc power the world had never seen if he would unite the tribes of barbarians and conquer the world in the name of the orcs.

To prove his faith, Kyle gave Norg a belt of Ogre strength and cast a spell hiding it from all eyes. (True seeing spell will reveal)

During this ritual Norg believed he was being blessed by Gruumsh. Norg returned to his village with 3 dire boars over his shoulder.

When congratulated by his father Norg reached out his small hand and crushed his fathers skull.

Over the last 30 years he has conquered, black mailed or made allies with all of his would be rivals. He was able to unite the Gnolls and Orcs. The Human barbarians refused to join him and would have stood against him except for Thudmack’s arrival. In that way Thud has Norg’s begrudged respect. Norg felt that he owed him a debt for the enemy he eliminated at his back. Norg tried to give Thudmack a quick death in gratitude.

Thudmack killed Norg in Norg’s fortress after the hero became a Vampyre


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