Return to the Lair

Gulohg prepares to raise another from among the dead since his latest creation an undead centaur is no longer among the living dead.

Ash leans heavily upon Morar

Ash: (growl) I can hear wings, coming from far away…

Ash: (growl, to Morar) Just hang on. We should be able to rest soon, then we’ll get this fixed.

The sound of wings grows louder till you all here it There is a loud thud as if many feet hit the ground outside the lair

Ash draws his axe.

A large hawk wheels and flits off into the distance.Sparkles appear as the sunlight breaks through the clouds.

Fangess: taps fricks and indicate to the ceiling, as if something’s up…

Frick looks up in the direction the halfling is pointing

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: (to the Titan undead) Stay out of the way. Collect some dinner fromthe bodies.

Ash nods to Kordek.

Gulohg the Effect Magnet shakes his money maker

Ash wonders how Gulohg will live off one copper piece a month.

Frick: what are you pointing at wee one?

Frick: something different up there…

Ash looks up at the ceiling.

A large gluttonous spider plummets from the ceiling.

It quickly bloodies Fangess and Frick. Hearing the commotion Kordek, Ash and Gulohg mounted on his newly created Titan rush for the cavern entrance. Meanwhile, Frick dodges the spider while quickly trying to gain allies from the four sons of winter whose shadows no fill the entry way.

The three warriors quickly dispatch the spider. While Frick talks her way into the hearts and minds of the Sons of Winter. Whilst, Fangess sends ineffectual bolts flying into the side of the the cliff face.

Frick: the big spider is gone, begone from this place

The three warriors drop their weapons turning their palms down showing submission

Ash keeps a wary eye on them.

Gulohg the Effect Magnet stifles a stomach rumble as he looks over the prisoners

Gulohg the Effect Magnet wipes a bit of drool away while he eyes them

Frick: why are you here?

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: Do you taste good?

Frick: pet, shush! besides, I doubt any species considers it tastes good

Gulohg the Effect Magnet frowns

Gulohg the Effect Magnet looks them over, poking for the juicy parts

Gulohg the Effect Magnet looks toward the tent

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: I hear food!

Gulohg the Effect Magnet grins

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: Nice juicy liver…..

Son of Winter: What could we possibly tell such great warriors such as yourselves?

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: If you cant tel us anything, you really dont need your tongues now do you?

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: Soups On! Guess who’s on the menu?

Son of Winter: Master sent us to recover egss!

Son of Winter: Kill looters get eggs he said

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: Eggs?

Ash: (growl) The remerhaz eggs…

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: Any of you cook good?

Son of Winter: We not cooks, we fighters

Son of Winter Grins

Ash: (growl, to Son of Winter) I’m here to tell you, you suck as fighters…

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: Then get the damn eggs and hurry up! Now!

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: I’m geting hungry from all the talk

Ash: (growl) Surrendering was wise.

Ash: (growl, whisper, to Kordek) We need to destroy those eggs. Can’t risk them eating any more of my people…

Son of Winter: Thank dark one we appreciate this are lives will be spared now

Ash: (growl) Put the eggs on the ground and step back.

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: The only dark one you need to worry about is me! Now get me food!

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: Looks like ham and eggs!

Frick: all my pet said was to GET the eggs….

Gulohg the Effect Magnet pulls out his liver and grabs it and the eggs

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: Food! Son of Winter: Great spirit wolf will be unhappy he said protect eggs from Kieto!

Frick: who is Kieto?

Son of Winter: Kieto is master of sky and hill

Gulohg the Effect Magnet shovels the raw liver down his throat

Frick: and what does he plan to do with the eggs, pray tell?

Son of Winter: He plans to keep them from hatching

Ash: (growl) Gonna help me destroy those, Gulohg?

Son of Winter: He say Goliath wants for magics

Ash: (growl) Gulohg, wait!!

Gulohg the Effect Magnet frowns

Frick: wait my pet

Ash: (growl) What do you mean, goliaths want for magic? EXPLAIN!!!

Fangess: it seems you don’t quite know much about your goliath motives from the sound of this lot (to Ash)

Son of Winter: Great Spirit wolf say goliath father needs for magics we do not question

Ash: (growl) I know my people, Fangess. I can’t imagine bad intent…

Ash: (growl) Give me the eggs. NOW!!!

Frick: the people we encountered taking the eggs, were not goliaths

Gulohg the Effect Magnet grins

Ash: (growl) I know what they are for!

Tragra: ooooooooooooooooooo eggs

Tragra: gimme gimme

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: Hurry up then I’m hungry!

Gulohg the Effect Magnet holds the eggs high

Frick looks at Ash, eyebrows raised….”ok, what are they for?”

Tragra: tragra have had no eggs for long time

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: I think we will soon Tragra

Ash: (growl) Probably part of the spell to return me to my body

Son of Winter: You let us go now we tell you everything

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: Nice fried eggs

Son of Winter: We do as you ask we make nice friends

Ash: (growl) Talk, then we might let you go.

Tragra tragra opens big gapped mouth smile

Frick: probably sounds like speculation… I thought you said you knew

Son of Winter: I speak plan you have snow in your ears shifter?

Ash: (growl) Gulohg, I’m sure there is more filling prey. I need those eggs.

Gulohg the Effect Magnet frowns and tosses the eggs to Ash

Frick: I say let them go, and take the eggs back to the village and find out what they are for

Gulohg the Effect Magnet drops the other two

Ash: (growl) Works for me

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: There. Dinner

Frick: Guhlog! ENOUGH!

Ash: (growl) Thanks, Gulohg.

Ash: (growl) More liver for you.

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: No thanks needed. Dinner time Tragra

Fangess: covers her eyes from the effects of the foes retreating actions (balls out)

Frick placing her hand across her eyes, shaking her head at her pet “I must get him in line

Ash: (growl) Sorry ‘bout that, Gulohg, but my instinct tells me Father Skywind needs these…

Ash tucks eggs into a belt pouch.

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: Me and Tragra like eggs though. You owe us.

Ash: (growl) I love eggs… Maybe they won’t need all of them…

Gulohg the Effect Magnet grins

Gulohg the Effect Magnet grabs the spider body and drags it in with him

Ash: (growl, to Fangess) How ‘bout it?

Tragra: I am hungry give me egg !!!

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: You better share Tragra

Ash: (growl) Later, Tragra, back at camp. These eggs are special.

Tragra: dems da dbest

Gulohg the Effect Magnet skins a body and covers the pit

Gulohg the Effect Magnet throws snow over the skin cover

Ash: (growl) I’ll take first watch.

Gulohg the Effect Magnet starts his ritual on the spider

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: His name is Fred

Gulohg the Effect Magnet curls up in stinky’s legs

Ash looks untrustingly at the spider, and seems to be a little uncomfortable.

Gulohg the Effect Magnet snores contentedly with his spider pony. Having lost his latest minion Gulohg doesn’t hesitate to create a replacement.

Several D jinns and a wolf sneak into the cavern. They nearly kill Ash in his sleep before anyone is aware of there presence. The party alerted leaps into action only to be confronted by a conjured sand storm that limits there vision and leaves them dazzled. Frick comes to Ash’s rescue as he dragged away by the over sized wolf. Ash quickly slays the Stormlord with two chops of his blade. The wolf once again drags Ash off this time he tears away at his belt pouch and the Rhemorhaz eggs concealed there. The wolf tries to make good an escape leaping up the 70’ ice wall. The fighters try to climb up after but there climbing skills on the slick ice is no match for the wolves speed. Frick however sends Kordek flying through the air and then drags the creature down the wall delaying its escape. This gives Tragra the precious seconds he needs to mount his Flying carpet and to blast the creature off the wall. The Wolf falls 50 feet into darkness where Ash collides with it saving Gulohg the impact of its weight falling from the height. Ash gets the better of the tussle driving the creature into the hard ice below.

What is going on? Why would Father Skywind send the Son of the Tribes Great Spirit wolf on the same mission as he sent you? Did the Rhemorhaz actually eat 17,000 goliaths in a few months time? Who is Kieto and how is he involved in all of this?

Lair of the Remorhaz

As you follow the trail you noticed that it seems to pass thru a waterfall. The waterfall is frozen and there is a large hole smashed through it. Two tents are set up near one of the walls. You notice the tent has been deserted for some time. As you enter the cave you notice the ceiling is 100 ft tall but the near wall formed of ice is only 70 ft high. A body lays partially encased in ice. It appears to be a body of an experienced warrior. Gulohg the Effect Magnet loots the body. Finding a set of Godplate Armor. Shortly there after a lone Frost Giant charges into the fray. The rest of his “party” reluctantly follows him into battle.

Memorable Moments

Tragra: Tragra sniff sniff cold

Tragra: me wan more fur

Tragra: u give tragra fur kordek

Tragra: tragra pokes at the slime

Tragra: booger

Kordek the First Emperor of Faith: take fur….

Tragra: hahahahhahahhahaha

Tragra: boogie

Tragra: boogie

Tragra: booger

Tragra: tragra feet cold

Female Voice:: Daan oc agaan kaarthec duun mar daan shac dalaan daal.

The voices are speaking a Dialect of Giant none of you have heard before. If you speak Giant make an intelligence check to decipher the strange dialect.

Male Booming Voice:: Huul Kie To duun dac daal dhuur men vor druuc. Daac daan agaan duun mech daan hagaac. Daan taach an’d muul’dec ac maan dac jhruun ghuugaan mec draar oc men maal.

Loud Male Voice:: Rhat! Huul’der jhruun mec vor hec. Daan agaan tagaan ar rhaan, dhul ar duur. Daan khruur rhagaan duun dhec shaakhoogan. Daan taac dhuuch kekhaan kaal drar ac taal’dec duur shaakahoogan duun druun dregec duur. Daan tuuch kaagaan shaakhogaan duun tarlaar Huul’der.

Male Booming Voice:: Tuuc druun o maar dar. Kekhaan zuulaan.

Ash: (growl, whisper to party) Something about eggs being ready…

Tragra: wat dat sound

Frick: breakfast?

Ash: (growl, whisper to party) Giants, talking about killing goliaths, they’re talking about a shifter and a red dwarf…

Ash: (growl, whisper to party) They can hear us…

Ash: (growl, to himself) Shifter… Wait, they have my body!!

Frick (hissing whisper): well chainmail isn’t exactly meant for stealth

Ash: (growl) Talking about creature that ate my people…

Frick (hissing whisper): a shifter, you are in a shifter body, if they have Morar wouldn’t that be a goliath?

Ash: (growl) They’re getting in position… Get ready.

Ash: (Growl) Someone is saying they know nothing ‘bout us…

Ash: (growl) Ok, the rest should be coming soon. Leader called his guys “cowards”...

Fangess: outside of your kingdom, minotaur, i will call you… minotaur.

Gulohg the Effect Magnet nods to the centaur “Kill it!”

Frost Titan (bad): common What we do attack or wait?

Ash: (growl) Attack and meet your death!

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: Why are you attacking us Frosty?

Ash: (growl) My people will be avenged, that vengeance paid in your blood!!!

Frost Giant 21 -> [DYING]

Ash: (growl) Hill behind me is shaking…

Ash: (growl) Shaking in wall, seems to be moving…

Ash points to his east.

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: Hey I think the hill is going to pop out a baby boulder

Near the end of the Frost Giant battle a large worm/centipede like creature explodes from the trembling hill just as Tragra is flying over on his magic carpet. The creature quickly swallows the hobgoblin whole dragging him back into its lair. Thinking quickly Tragra uses Warlock’s eye to gain line of site out of the beast.

Fangess: bugsy! she’s just not into you anymore—she found a bigger and longer worm!

Gulohg the Effect Magnet: My worm is longer!

Ash: (growl) Stop tallking about worms and kill that damn thing!!!

Who is the Mysterious Kieto and what did he want with the Rhemorhaz eggs? Now that Morar and Ash are re-united will anyone be able to straighten out their spiritual and physical problems?

You manage to slay the second beast and all seems calm as you lay down for a much deserved rest. Muah ha ha ha!

Into the Fray

Fangess returned from her Sojourn to the lands of the Master. Following closely on her heels was Navaren the healer. The group wiped the floor with the assassins despite Fangess’s refusal to harm Navaren.

You met with Father Skywind he informed you that nearly 17,000 goliaths were missing or dead in recent months. After a week you were able to find the tracks of the creature. Gulohg insulted the honor of the Fey Charger and battle insued.

A second set of human mages appeared attacking the party. They were quickly wiped out.

The trail has been found with two weeks to spare. Will you follow it or return to the village to rest?

Into the Mountains

As the group climbs higher into the mountains a light dusting of snow appears. Eglath and Bright Eyes become more talkative sharing there culture and a little history of what has been going on.

It seems that over the last several months a huge worm like creature has been devouring goliaths. Nearly 12,000 are accounted among the missing or dead. The tribe of the bear seems the hardest hit. A war party was formed by Father Skywind. They included a red headed dwarf ranger, named Kilmen and a goliath named Ash, one of the twins trained by the shaman to be the defenders of the balance. When none of them returned Father Skywind called Elder Bright Eyes and Eglath to make a journey to the minotaur island. It has been nearly 6 weeks since the two of them departed on there journey. They are excited to be home, even if they are taking you to the mountain homes of the tribe of the rattlesnake.

Message From Khem

A message from Khem- Khem has been in touch via the sending stone Perrin gave him. Seems things have been heating up over the week in Torvin.

Oy Perrin gar off yer back and out the water and kick thar arse’s. Holding back spells cuz you might hit someone. Well I never. Anyway wise yer laying around got some news fer ya.

I war’s able to put together a rag tag crew and I is waiting for you at the head of the Derim River with the Dragonslayer, ie yer boat. Seems that an undead by the name of Barrathus war’s able to get out of the Ward he war’s trapped behind below the temple of Pelor. He made quite an entrance at the Duchess coming of age party.

Most of the city is under lock down as bits of the Shadowfell have been appearing all over town. The Gold Lion Inn where you stayed is completely gone in its place stands a abomination of a palace of undead. The foundation and walls seem to be made up of humanoid skulls.

Barrathus has set up shop there. Most of the nobles are dead including the visiting dignitaries from the Kentaur Plateau. They war’s here to ask for help from the Duke. I guess that Norg fellow is invading thar homes to the South East. The lone survivor of the royal family, Duchess Zophia Von Herbst is secreted away aboard the “yacht”. She is fighting mad but I, Khem the great, war’s able to drag her out of town before the zombies and shadar-kai really got down to having a good time.

Most of the city folk fled, those who didn’t make it out have been bound, shackled and hauled away as slaves and food for Barrathus and his growing army of undead.

Rumor has it that Kyle war’s in town just long enough to catch a boat headed east. Seems he war’s able to convince the elvish captain of the Kalvornia to take ‘em east at all possible haste.

All kinds of nasty critters are loose in the country side so finish up ‘em yer quest and get back asap. Khem. I hate these stupid magic stones. Carter how do you stop sending with these things anyway. Muffle muffle muffle. Aye, dis one here then, oh no this rune. Yeah I can read dwarven ye lilly livered son of ….

Trick Or Treat, Lo-Kel Is Something Good to Eat

Doresain appears as a ghoul, though he stands upright rather than adopting the hunched posture of his subjects. His eyes blaze with a sickly green light. He wears an elegant coat of supple human flesh and a suit of pale leather armor studded with skulls. A crown of bones rests on his bald head, and he wields a staff called Toothlust, formed of the rigid spinal column of some past victim. The staff is topped by a skull, in homage to his lord Orcus. He pauses a moment, his lips move in Abyssal. Damacos, shudders as he translates the words, “Thank you for freeing me.” The Exarch leaps from the bridge nimbly climbing down the sheer face of the cliff where he recovers the body of the drow and ambles away. Arrows clatter against the bridge and thru the door way. The pounding of orc boots can be heard from the North. War drum echo up from the canyon. Sounds like the army is roused below you.

The ghoul reaches down and rips off Lo-kels head. He savors the brains licking his lips. He scoops up the body and teleports out the door with the corpse. You hear the bouncing of the body down the cliff side. The racket is immense. The entire countryside must have heard the racket. The figure pauses on the rampart of the bridge for a moment the sun setting behind the mountains frame its form in a dieing light. It shudders, its skin ripples and shift the Grzzil you knew is gone replaced by a grinning figure.

Norg's Dungeon Kyle Conversation

What are you doing here Zebith?

I have come for what I was promised Kyle.

I have not yet found my brother.

I care nothing for your brother, only the tools to collect the Tempest’s Souls. She has not yet realized her power. I need the sword as promised.

Yes and you were to kill them in their sleep and bring my nephew. The annoying little mage should have warded better not that it would have stopped you.

You know I would not murder them. Send the Eaters with me and we will finish them in combat as the law demands.

Bah, Genasi and their rules of warfare. I have no time for this. Take the Eaters and be done with the lot of them. Only spare my nephew, I did not expend my energy to bring him thru time, seduce his beloved “mother”, and set up his “father”, just to have him die here. I will need him to bring my brother back. Marcus is the key.

The sword is on the desk follow me. Norg has done his part now you must do yours.

The voices get quieter as if they are moving away south of you.

I have managed to copy the ritual I need and Humstock nearly has the jewel. I will go to the portal follow as soon as you can. I will leave it open for you and the Eaters. It will remain fixed on Torvin until dawn. Don’t be late.

There is an earsplitting crack answered by a second from the other end of the dungeon.

Varner and the Crypt

Meri and Perrin were up late arguing about what to do about the gem. After they go to bed, Perrin snuck out of the Inn. Kordek has decided to face down the drow by himself, since Dagyil just laughed at him when Kordek woke him up to join him.

After Kord didn’t return from the bathhouse, Dag realized Kordek was serious and went after him. Kord bluffed the halflings at the ship, sent them to the inn to drink, even bought them several rounds. The Ogres and Fell Trolls went drinking as well. Dag catches up to Kord at the boat, and they are soon in over their heads against the blademaster, Varner Renstick.

Meanwhile, Meri woke up and discovered Kordek and Dag missing when she went to speak with Kord about the gem. She followed the trail of troll parts Dag left behind and found them at the boat. Meri managed to block the drow’s escape, and they vanquished the drow with Dagyil ripping out his throat with his teeth. As they were looking around the ship and tidying up a bit, the trolls and ogres returned. Kord and Meri were able to sneak off the boat, and Dag was supposed to follow behind. Instead he decided to look around the ship when the trolls and ogres fell asleep. He found a treasure hold, and was caught in a trap where he perished.

Meri and Kord were waiting for Dag, but when he didn’t show, they went back to the docks to find him. When they returned, the halflings were boarding the ship but there was no sign of Dag. Meri began praying for guidance, and Kord ran back to the inn for assistance. Piin and Ansimal came with Kord, as did a new Gnome Warlock named Mlit, who Kord woke in his fervor to rescue Dag and Meri (along with every other weary traveler within a 5 mile radius). (Will they EVER be welcome back at the inn?)

They arrive at the docks, and Meri doesn’t notice them, she is still praying. The halflings exit the boat carrying the body of the drow, followed by two Fell Trolls. Ansimal nailed 2 halflings with arrows, but Kord fooled the Trolls into thinking he had fired the bow…everyone else was able to hide, and Meri was protected by Bahamut. The Trolls chased Kordek down the docks and into a warehouse, where Kord was able to hold them at bay for a bit with some fire. It was revealed to Meri that Dag was dead, and she came out of her prayerful trance to realize that two of her friends were there, along with 4 halflings carrying the body of the drow (to the Sea-dragon cult to have him raised).

Meri became furiously angry and as her and her companions dispatched the halflings, her ire grew and she rent the body of the drow in twain. Kordek escaped from the Trolls using his cape of the moutebank, (after punching a hole in the wall so he could see out) leaving them to think they had smashed him to oblivion.

Mlit, while the party was fighting the halflings and trolls, had been scoping out the ship, and came across the hidden panel and Dagyil’s dead body, as well as the treasure Dag had collected. Kordek rejoined the party, and they boarded the ship and set sail. They searched the ship and found much treasure and magical weapons aboard, some which can be used, some that will be sold or traded. As they set sail, the Trolls reached the docks and believe that Varner and the halflings left without them for some unknown reason.

Meri became seasick below decks, and Piin discovered the trap that had been the end of Dagyil. In the morning, a small fey looking raven winged creature fluttered to the deck. It did not attack or become aggressive, and Piin approached the creature who delivered a letter from Perrin. Perrin notified the party of the need to take the stone to the Well of Unmaking. They party rested on the ship, and decided to return to the temple and convince the High Priest that the Jewel of Zehir must be destroyed.

Perrin knew upon summoning the creature that someone was fated to die, but not who. The party used a rowboat to return to shore, leaving the ship anchored out in the harbor with Ansimal aboard on guard so they can return for it later. They plan to use it. Since it is now unlikely they will be welcome in the inn any further.

Arriving ashore, the party went to the blacksmith’s shop and had the unnecessary magical weapons disenchanted. They took inventory of what each person had in their arsenal and even earmarked some for Perrin’s use. Then the party proceeded to the Temple of Pelor where they asked for an audience with the High Priest. The High Priest granted their audience, with the Loremaster present as well. After some debate, diplomacy, bluffs from our new friend, and even a flip from the Minotaur the High Priest conceded to remove the guards and let the party retrieve the gem and take it to the Well of Unmaking. Upon entering the catacombs, they looked around at the canal that flows along one side, and crossed a bridge into the first room. They notice 3×3 niches in the walls, filled with human remains. Meri began to inspect them more closely as Piin opened the door to the next room, and was startled from her reverie by the appearance of a Berbalang. Kordek moved into the room, and the party followed suit. As the party began to deal damage, the Berbalang split into three. This made it a bit more difficult to focus attacks, but now the bad guy had to share HP with his offspring. Meri’s initial attack seemed to do more harm than good, as it triggered the split. After some deft maneuvering by our heroes, they managed to dispatch one offspring, when the Berbalang split again. This made attacks a bit harder as it seemed that all attacks made on the original were absorbed by this new manifestation. Eventually, the party was victorious, the felling blow going to the 240 yr old gnome, Mlit, who has decided to stay with the party for its adventuring prospects.

The adventure left off as we were beginning to open the next spiked door into the room beyond. Meri must remember what it is the High Priest told her, about which turns to take and whatnot down here.

Trovin Continued

The party was postponed since the Duchess is not feeling well. Dagyil took ill from his tasty bit of troll. Meri’s cousin Cherlita came down and gave him a potion to settle his stomach. While you were out to pay the temple for Cherlita’s assistance, Dagyil took the opportunity to relieve Count Sturz of some of his possessions. Namely his symbol of office and a coin pouch. Meanwhile, on your way to the temple you heard the sound of shattering glass from inside the apothecary. Some ruffians had set up guard outside. Kordek nearly made a fatal error by not eliminating the threat in his usual fashion. The battle became a mess and Perrin had to call in the cavalry.

Several members of the Temple came to your rescue. You entered the apothecary after some heated words between the Drow and the Lore master. No sooner had you started speaking with the Drow yourselves, than a portal to the Shadow fell opened up and the Tor Siri came to take Perrin. After a moment of battle the leprous sword mage and his accomplices were wiped out. You assumed the Drow was in on the attack on Perrin or at least had more info about the reason for the Sea-dragon’s cult attacking his shop. Under the threat of torture the Drow dropped his facade and fought you to a stalemate. Meri and Piin managed to calm down the Drow and most of the members of your party. Kordek was having none of it however and sliced a huge gash into the wall of the shop. The building seemed to tip and teeter for a second before coming to rest. The two parties went their ways. Little did you know at the time but that was not the last you would see of the Drow.

Deepwatch bell rings out in the Tower of Pelor, the only bell ringing all night long. Bells sounded all day and it was more than poor Dagyil could handle. All day long he could feel the bells tolling each hour until his doom arrived. Nightfall brought quiet and darkness, he always thought of this time as his element, but with darkness also comes those others who move in the shadows. The windows explode inward the two creatures bound across the room quickly. Two loud blows ring against the door at the end of the hall. Wood splinters are followed by the upper half of the door. The priest smacks the zombie in the head. You can hear the priest mutter.

”Use the door knob. Humstock said they are dangerous and need to be eliminated quickly. Now kill them all. Leave no witnesses”

Dagyil wakes to find his feet pinned to the floor by an onyx dagger. A letter is stuck to the floor thru his bedroll. Dag has no chance to ponder this as the Destrachan climbs up on the bed sniffing at Kordek. It sees Dag and bounds after him.

Ansimal played the roll of fighter, mostly from the floor, in a rather bloody battle. Kordek and Meri finally got out of bed to help you rid the inn. It seems someone had taken some time to dose each of them with a sleeping potion so that you would be sitting ducks.

After the battle Dagyil opened his letter and you went to see Varner Renstick. Varner wants you to steal an item from the Temple of Pelor. Perrin tells you that The Jewel of Zehir is a magical item passed down from the ruling family of the neighboring rivals of Torvin. Varner is insistent that the Gem be stolen before Saturday night. Meri believes Bahamut told her that it will be used in the assassination of Zophia Von Herbst

After accepting the job you journey to the temple to get the lay of the land and perhaps to double cross the Drow blade-master. There you ask Cherlita’s help but she seems a little merrier than her cousin and maybe just a tad dimwitted as well. After Dagyil scares her half to death, her scream summons the High priest Radiant Father Helicus Solari. He speaks at length with you but refuses to give you the man power to assault the ship. He believes that you have been duped by Varner into sapping his strength so that Varner can steal the Jewel himself. Piin noticed the Dark stalker Kagen of the Black Knife spying on you and after what turned into a ridiculously short battle you killed the creature, spoke with his soul and claimed the bounty on his head. He claims to be directly employed by the Hand but said the Hand was not the Drow.

The group heads back to the inn to find their rooms have been given away and their gear packed up and unceremoniously deposited out front. Kordek goes in and sweet talks the Halfling into letting you stay in the inn, but you move to a communal room near to the stairs were you are less likely to cause damage. Dagyil sets some traps (21, 15, and 25) and Perrin sets up the bell of alarm.

It would seem that not only Dagyil had enemies visiting you in the night. The Orcus priest uttered the name of Humstock before the attack. Varner Renstick seems to some how be mixed up with the mysterious Hand or Kagen was working for both sides. Dagyil has 3 days left to clear his debt before the sands in the hour glass run down.

Campaign Update Torvin

As you come from down from the mountains the road winds about crossing a bridge to an island. Three mountain peaks can be seen in the distance against the ocean scape. The smell of a salt breeze wafts up from the sea. The horizon is a blue mass extending as far as you can see. Many white sailed vessels can be seen some coming, some going, some fishing. The city of Torvin is surrounded by a mighty wall. You cross over the first bridge and after a decent hike come to a cliff side. A bridge seems to span the chasm. The Chasm is filled with the waters of a mighty river almost 300 hundred feet below. A large statue of a dwarven fighter seems to be standing guard over the bridge. A sign proclaims that a toll is due and a basket seems to waiting for said toll. Thousands in gold piece already sit in the large bucket.

You all managed to get across the bridge some cheaper than others. When Khem wakes up from sleeping off his large lunch and his hang over passes I imagine he will be looking for whoever defiled his bridge.

You were short the head of Orog the klutzy dragonborn warrior who fell off the bridge. He finally allowed Ansimal the pleasure of removing his head from his shoulders. You were able to collect most of the reward for the heads and even Orog’s by the end of the day. During the discussion with the guard captain you found out that the Kagen you killed was not the famous Kagen the Black Knife. He remains at large. He is also some how involved with a Varner Renstick, a local notorious business man. At the uttering of Varner’s name the hair on Dagyil’s neck seemed to prickle a bit. Orog seemed to be part of a plot to assassinate the Duchess. Since no one survived to tell the tale who knows who is behind the attempts. Zophia seems to lean towards her father’s new adviser but what of her cousins and aunts and uncles. Rumor on the streets and talk in the Lion’s Head Tavern leads you to believe there is no love lost from the relatives. Especially since they worked together to have the family catacombs below the Temple of Pelor sealed off. Each of the four family members have garnered some measure of success recently and have been shipped off to the outposts of the City State to strengthen of the Duke’s interests.

You managed to save the Duchess again and have been invited to the Castle for her coming of age ball. The Duke has also granted you a charter recognizing the party as legitimate bounty hunters for the crown guard of Torvin. This seal will allow you some degree of autonomy when dealing with enemies to the crown.

At the party tomorrow night maybe you will finally receive the reward you have been promised and what of the reward for saving her life a second time?

Dagyil still needs to meet with his employer before the sands in the hour glass run down. What of the new girl Pin? The chance meeting in the mountains seems to have been beneficial but is there more to the bonnie lass than meets the eye?

It also seems that a sect of Tiefling warlocks is somehow involved in the plot to remove the heir apparent before she can come of age. Perrin identified the group as members of the Amon Ka. Is it related to Humstock and the Hand or is the plot thickening like a really good stew on a cold day?


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