Damacos’ Background

Damacos is a Shadar-Kai that has spent most of his time away from the Shadowfell. His parents, both adventurers, left their home plane on a mission that took them years to complete. In their journey, they became fascinated with their new world and chose to live there after they had completed their mission.. Though very different from those around them, they managed to make a life for themselves. They still follow the Raven Queen and raised their son, Damacos, to do the same. However, due to some strange twist of fate that Damacos is unaware of, his parents ended up in the service of the Tor-Siri.

Damacos never gained his father’s prowess with a sword, or his mother’s unfailing aim. However, at a young age, it was apparent that they young shadar-kai harbored tremendous arcane ability. His parents thought of hiding him from the Tor-Siri, but a wizard of the order that had befriended his parents recognized the spark in the young shadar-kai and offered to teach him. He rapidly grew in power and knowledge and showed an aptitude for the blood magic that the Tor-Siri are known and feared for. In his early adventuring years, he was often sent out with Tor-Siri warriors as a support wizard and has since been given the title of Blood Mage.

Damacos is very comfortable in the Material Plane and considers it his home. His parents have told him of his home plane, the Shadowfell, and its cold beauty. Damacos looks forward to one day seeing the world of the Raven Queen, who he still worships. He enjoys exploring and gaining knowledge in his travels. The people he has travelled with find him a good companion, if a little terse and arrogant, who is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

Despite his show of loyalty to the Tor-Siri, Damacos is a faithful of the Raven Queen and, like most other shadar-kai, abhors the undead, especially those that retain their intelligence and seek to escape death, such as liches and vampires. He does not speak of it to anyone, but he seeks to find a way to put an end to the Tor-Siri’s use of vampires and necromancy so the dead can travel their path into the Shadowfell and thus beyond to the cosmos. His skill and shows of loyalty have thus far appeased his Tor-Siri masters, but he knows the day will come when his true intentions will be exposed and his life will be forfeit. His will is focused on his goal, hoping for the day he will join the elite ranks of the Raven Queen’s faithful.

When he gained the title of Blood Mage, he met a drow cleric who served his Queen and a mysterious drow warlock that were going to explore a keep where dangerous necromantic experiments were being performed. Damacos traveled with them, anxious to see what this place held.


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