Background – Thomas Arncaster

Thomas is the son of a merchant’s daughter and a prominent warlord. Thomas’ life has been about training as a warlord from an early age. The males in his family have followed this path for four generations. Thomas showed an aptitude for it from an early age. He worked with his father daily, absorbing both martial skills and wisdom from him. His mother tempered his heart with love and the ideals of good and standing against evil. Thomas had a very fulfilling life until two years ago.

Alexander, his father, was in charge of a large contingent of fighters and other warlords. People looked to him for leadership, fully expecting Thomas to follow in his hallowed footsteps. His father began acting strangely, disappearing for hours, even days at a time, and offering no explanation when he returned. Rumors began to spread like wildfire.

Thomas, to put these rumors to rest for good, tracked his father with the help of a friend of his, a highly skilled ranger named Malachi. After two days of hard travel, they discovered his father had gone to a large tiefling camp to the north of the city. From the looks of the camp, they were preparing for an attack. Alexander then walked off into the woods with two tieflings. Thomas and Malachi followed them.

Thomas overheard his father telling the two tiefling leaders how they could sneak troops in the city. Horrified, Thomas and the ranger both took off. Malachi managed to take two horses from the camp, and they rode back to the city at breakneck speed. The whole ride passed in a blur of shock.

When they arrived at the city gates, Thomas reported what was happening to the captain of the city guard, who then passed it up his chain of command. This led to a trial, where Thomas, full of doubt and confusion, gave testimony of his father’s betrayal in front of a tribunal. Alexander was convicted of high treason.

The night before his father died, Thomas went to see him. Alexander tried to explain that this was the only way he could end the war, but Thomas knew he wanted to usurp the current ruler and make a pact with the tiefling, giving them almost total control of the city and the countryside around it. Alexander was shocked that Thomas had found out the truth and began to beg for his life. Thomas walked out of the cell and went home, intending to never see his father again.

When he arrived, his mother was gone, as were most of her possessions. She left a note telling Thomas that she could not bear the shame of what her husband had done and was leaving the city to go back to her home. This crushed Thomas. As he was recovering from that emotional blow, a messenger came to his house. His father had sent him a note, asking him to perform the execution. Thomas stayed awake all night wrestling with this choice, but decided to do it in the end.

The next dawn came and Thomas was on the platform, awaiting his father’s arrival. They finally got Alexander through the crowd of booing and hissing people and got him set up. Thomas leaned over and whispered, “I no longer have a father. I do this to honor the man I thought I knew, not the man that you have become.” A single tear fell, the only tear Alexander had ever shed. Alexander’s last words were, “I did it for you.”

Thomas then raised the axe and swung, beheading his father. The crowd cheered loudly. The priest standing on the platform was the only one that heard Thomas’ response to his father’s last words: “I didn’t want this, Father.” Thomas continued his studies and excelled. At least as far as he knew, nobody in the city held him responsible or accountable for his father’s crimes. His friends rallied around him, supporting their friend. Though things appeared back to normal, Thomas was never the same after that. The passion and zeal he once had were wiped away, only beginning to come back to him after two years. Thomas is 6’ tall, has long wavy light brown hair and brown eyes, and though his build looks slim, it is well-defined and anyone who thinks him weak quickly discovers otherwise. He’s a quiet leader. His natural charisma allows him to fit easily into leadership roles, but he’s a man of few words, especially since the tragedy of his father. His sense of humor and his passion are slowly coming back, but still nowhere near what it once was.

Thomas was a brilliant commander for [[Thudmack]] before he finally joined his liege in un-death as a Death Knight. Thomas was in fact the son of [[Kyle]] and was slain by the party in order to prevent [[Kyle]] from obtaining the release of his brother from the [[Far Realms]].


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