Istmar Cambridge

A middle aged man wearing a brown robe with a hood over his white hair and beard.



  • Str 8
  • Dex 10
  • Con 10
  • Int 10
  • Wis 10
  • Cha 10

Born under a bad sign Istmar always had bad luck, starting with his mother dieing during child birth he was blamed for anything that went wrong in his village. The strange thing was most of the time it was his fault. Once the river boiled killing all the fish and the village’s food supply strangely vanished. These were no curses or bad omans, Istmar was a mage and cause the fish to die with a mighty fireball that shot from his hands, and the food supplies never went anywhere the villagers found them a month later rotting in the rafters still floating there.

After he turned 16 and the villagers blamed him for half of the live stock being kill by a strange meteor that landed in their village he decide that being blamed for things he did do even if it wasn’t how it happened was OK, but being blamed for something he had no control over was to much and left his small town to find someone that could help him use his powers.

After being ran out of several towns as they burned to the ground, Istmar finally found a Dragonborn on the side of the road that he traveled with for many years. Istmar learned how to control his powers and use them for good.

Around Istmars 30 birthday his friend died in a crypt they had been helping to rid of several unwanted guest. Since that time he has become a filthy drunk and a elaberate lier. He uses his powers to gain wealth and cares little for others since he seems to be cursed to never be happy. But, deep down inside he is looking for someone else to share his powers with.

Istmar Cambridge

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