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Setting Ea Reth

The continent of Ovelesk

Darkness has fallen. In your grand sires time the shadow of the Great Enemy has lengthened. Their grasp has not quite snuffed out the light of the world. Small points of resistance remain and Evil turns in on itself.

The town of Wood’s Crossing built around the crossroads of the King’s Highway and the Greatway is an occupied town. The nobles are but pawns smothered under the might of the nearby Tor Siri. The Dark magus dwelling in the Citadels of Odanis, near the kingdom of the undead. They steal their power from Vampyres and Ghouls they sacrifice to their dark god. Allied with the Amon Ka and an army of Lycanthropes they try to maintain order in a city lying on the frontier of the Great War. An underground resistance is hiding in the Thief’s Woods. It harries the roads. Rumors persist that the rebels are supported by the last free nation-state of humans, Torvin.

The Amon Ka are in the process of destroying the last refuge of the Amon Sil across the seas at the Isles of Gaidan. The Amon Sil in defense have summoned Elemental Spirits to inhabit human bodies. The Pey, ancient enemies of darkness, have returned to Ovelesk. The Pey (Genasi) will fight on the side of light. The Tanni (Tieflings) are not happy to have their old enemies back.

Kinder, half-ling warriors and Alia Tai, cross the seas bringing their stout hearts and small swords to the aid of Torvin.

The dwarves long hidden in their mountain Kingdom beneath Karnin are out in force seeking the dragons and their sworn legions. Draegarians (Dragonborn with minotaurs horns) are working against their cousins, aiding the dwarves.

The elves long isolated and safe in their crystal towers on the western island of Ille Torrasis, send clerics and rangers to the shores to ascertain the state of affairs. Their dark cousins the Drow, plot secretly to drive their blades into the exposed underbelly of their old allies. Orc, goblin, and gnoll barbarians ravage the country side unchecked.

The Goliaths are being systematically slaughtered by strange forces. Ash and Osh have been dispatched by Father Skywind to aid the party.

It is truly a dark time. Do you have the spirit and the resolve to bring the world back from its plight. Already famous adventures, each of you have received letters from dispatched couriers. Will you answer the call?

Main Page

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